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The New Phonebook’s Here!

19 Jun

In case you’re interested, the title of this post is a classic bizarre line from what is now a classic comedy movie.

Once upon a time in a life far, far away I saw that absurdly funny comedy, The Jerk, several times. So many times that I won’t say. In fact, I’m fairly sure that I have viewed The Jerk more than any other movie, including my favorites, Lawrence of Arabia, Groundhog Day & Lord of the Rings.

The new newsletter is here!

Issue #2 of Neighborly Suggestions – The World’s Smallest Newsletter has arrived!

I finally picked up my package at Aloha Printing late yesterday afternoon.

If you live in my neighborhood I’ll be knocking on your door soon. Literally. Take a look!

Neighborly Suggestions #2

Neighborly Suggestions #2

The World’s Smallest Newsletter? Neighborly Suggestions #1

26 Mar

032613 443

Just got this back from Aloha Printing in San Marcos!

Neighborly Suggestions #1 is very likely The World’s Smallest Newsletter!

I love what Aloha Printing did with the green graphic behind the words!

My neighbors will soon be putting this on their refrigerators!

Get yours now!

Where’s The Best Chicken Fried Rice?

22 Mar

Thirty years ago I lived with a wonderful family from church when the prospect of my parent’s divorce became real. I lived not very far from where Felicita Road crosses Interstate 15 in Escondido.

Major Market moved into the area, well, I’m not sure when. I never passed through the doors of Major Market until last year when a friend from San Clemente was visiting and he showed me the deli section that included chicken fried rice. It’s a great deal at $4.95 for the standard container (to me it seems bigger than a pint, but smaller than a quart) that you get at a chinese restaurant. We were in the area because my wife and I found a Trader Joe’s on Centre City Parkway which is freeway close. I think it takes 13 minutes from our house without traffic.

On Wednesday I decided to start a comparison test and went back to Major Market for lunch. My conclusion was that the rice was fair, but after I put the rest in the refrigerator, my wife really, really liked the leftovers. For me it just wasn’t as good as the first time I had it with my buddy and my wife.

Yesterday I ordered chicken fried rice online from Chin’s Szechuan in San Marcos and picked it up. My wife and I first went into Chin’s in Encinitas several years ago and liked their food very much. I’m not sure, but it looks like maybe there are Chin’s Szechuan restaurants that belong to the original owner, such as the San Marcos location, and other locations like Encinitas that have different ownership.

Regardless of ownership I enjoyed the chicken fried rice much more yesterday. If I had to put numbers to it I would say that Wednesday’s from Major Market was a five. To be fair, the first time I had it I would have rated it at least a six or seven. Chin’s on Thursday was definitely an 8 for me. Again, my wife would probably have put Chin’s at a 6 and Major Market at an 8.

I guess you’ll have to do your own taste test.

Chin’s is $8.95 and for me, it’s worth it. It took me 11 minutes (before 2:30 pm when traffic starts on the 78) to get there. I was in and out in less than three minutes and 10 minutes to get home. You can order online at:

Does Vinegar Kill Weeds?

20 Mar

My wife and I recently started experimenting with apple cider vinegar as a weed killer. Vinegar is not selective, so you have to be careful about avoiding plants you want to keep growing. It’s not perfect, but it’s natural.

I was very surprised a little over a year ago when we hired a guy that a friend recommended and he said that he understood that I wanted only natural methods used on our yard. About an hour into his work I had to stop him from using Roundup. I honestly don’t believe he was trying to be deceptive. He simply didn’t get it. Would you want your children and grandchildren drinking water that had been exposed to Roundup?

Here’s a website I just found about vinegar as weedkiller:

Vinegar For Killing Weeds

Sugary Drinks Problematic (At The Very Least)

19 Mar

Here’s a little coincidence with my post earlier today:

I mentioned Zevia as a substitute for sugary sodas and a study links sugary sodas to 180,000 deaths worldwide.

Here’s the link:

USA Today Sugary Drinks

I picked up some Zevia early this evening.

More St. Patrick’s Day Fun & Future Events

17 Mar

After looking more closely at the previous post I realized that more than half of the St. Patrick’s Day events have already taken place.

Here are two more that take place today:

For kids/family:


For grownups:


It seems that there aren’t a lot of events in or near San Marcos on St. Patrick’s Day that are easily found when searching Google.

Here’s a list of events in Southern California including a job fair in San Marcos tomorrow, April 18, and the San Marcos Swing Into Spring Festival on Sunday, April 14:

San Marcos Zvents & More

Have you tried the Irish Cheddar which contains Porter at Trader Joe’s? Way better than it looks! Yum!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Dr. Thylin Is Our Dentist

13 Mar

A few years ago our dentist shut down his practice for health reasons and we found Dr. Thylin soon after. I’m not sure how we found him at this point, but our experience with him has been great.

Earlier today I got a cap replaced that our former dentist had put on my tooth. Besides the obvious professionalism of his friendly office, there is something that you simply can’t get around. You may not be bothered by the same thing that bothers my wife and me, but a dentist must use his or her hands and if they are too big that can be a problem in my experience.

Dr. Thylin’s hands are the right size to be working in your mouth. As far as I’m concerned it’s just physics.

Professional and friendly and hands that are small enough. There you are.

Dr. Michael Thylin’s website:


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