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The New Phonebook’s Here!

19 Jun

In case you’re interested, the title of this post is a classic bizarre line from what is now a classic comedy movie.

Once upon a time in a life far, far away I saw that absurdly funny comedy, The Jerk, several times. So many times that I won’t say. In fact, I’m fairly sure that I have viewed The Jerk more than any other movie, including my favorites, Lawrence of Arabia, Groundhog Day & Lord of the Rings.

The new newsletter is here!

Issue #2 of Neighborly Suggestions – The World’s Smallest Newsletter has arrived!

I finally picked up my package at Aloha Printing late yesterday afternoon.

If you live in my neighborhood I’ll be knocking on your door soon. Literally. Take a look!

Neighborly Suggestions #2

Neighborly Suggestions #2

Take A Walk Through Our Community I

27 Mar

This afternoon I walked in the Rock Springs area for a little under an hour. I knocked on doors and rang doorbells at 23 residences and left 9 of my Neighborly Suggestions #1 (otherwise known as “The World’s Smallest Newsletter!”) with real people.

Three people thought the idea of a community garage sale was a good or even great idea! I ran into a six people who would pass on the information to their parents, roommate, uncle, etc… and 14 times I found no one at home. (Well, nobody answered the door!)

When my toe gets better I’ll be able to walk longer. That chair in the condo on Catalina Island just seemed to jump out at me…

If these numbers hold up I should be able to speak to at least 200 interested or very interested people in the next few months. If half of them tell two friends, we could have a really, really big community-wide garage sale.

AND, I get some exercise.

I plan on getting a site up where we can vote on which weekend. What we’re looking at are three Saturdays – September 21 or 28 or October 5.

I’ve already had one woman tell me that October 5 would work best for her. So there’s the first vote. Make that two votes.

I prefer October 5, too.

For those that might have been confused by what I handed out, please consider the title – Neighborly Suggestions.

#1 is this blog.

#2 is a very helpful website with games to increase your brainpower. When I signed up for free I checked all the boxes and sure enough, I have more games to play than my wife. My score has gone up, too! So check all the boxes if you want more games to play!

#3 is just a hint of what I do. I’ll be glad to talk with you if you’re curious. I’ll even come over to your house with my business partner, Sue, or maybe Mark Victor Hansen or somebody else. (OK, Mark Victor Hansen is the longest of longshots to come to your house, but I met him at Sue’s house and he is our business partner. Ever heard of Chicken Soup for the Soul? Yeah, THAT Mark Victor Hansen!)

We’ll be glad to do a presentation for you. Or you are welcome to come to Sue’s.

That reminds me. I need to finish as I need to make steak for my wife before I go to Sue’s tonight.

I didn’t mention it on Neighborly Suggestions, but I am developing a website (it’s not even close to ready) at http://www.IStillHaveAPhone.com

Can you guess how I prefer to be contacted if we aren’t meeting face-to-face?!

Finaly, in the future I will try to remember to take a picture where I walked.

Today’s photo is my yard from this morning which still needs some weeding.

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