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The World’s Smallest Newsletter? Neighborly Suggestions #1

26 Mar

032613 443

Just got this back from Aloha Printing in San Marcos!

Neighborly Suggestions #1 is very likely The World’s Smallest Newsletter!

I love what Aloha Printing did with the green graphic behind the words!

My neighbors will soon be putting this on their refrigerators!

Get yours now!

Garage Sale Or Yard Sale

18 Mar

On Saturday I was training at my friend and business partner’s house in Carlsbad. It’s a beautiful place with a beautiful ocean view. Sue told me that Calavera Hills is having a big garage sale in the entire community this Saturday. I think she said that over 100 houses are participating. That got me to thinking.

We can do the same thing in our neighborhood. Or yours. I should mention a couple things.

One, I grew up calling it a garage sale when I lived in Leucadia as a kid. I don’t really care whether you call it a garage sale or a yard sale. It’s the same thing, right? Anybody know a notable distinction between the two?

Two, I tend to think of my neighborhood as pretty large. Yesterday I was out checking on local garage sales (as well as checking the natural boundaries of the neighborhood) and I found a couple on Rock Springs after following a few signs to a mystery sale that was apparently held on Saturday. A guy named George sold me a pair of jeans for a great price. He moved here from Ramona in November and he’s up for having a simultaneous garage sale in September.

Who’s with us!?

If You Have Ever Attended Church

12 Mar

On Facebook the other day I noticed one of the kids from church who has now graduated from college and even left her first post-college job.
[ So this is 50! šŸ˜‰ ]

In seeing what was going on in her life I also noticed a post from her dad, who is a former pastor at Solana Beach Presbyterian Church, my home church.

Her dad is now a pastor in Rancho Bernardo and he has a blog called “Discovering Your Next Step” that you or someone you know may find helpful.

Though we have adjusted quite well, our family was sad to see pastor Neal (he’s just Neal to almost everyone) go at the time. My wife said that he was a big reason why she stayed when she came back to church.

He moved to Rancho Bernardo Community Presbyterian Church less than a month before the fire that swept San Diego County and hit RB especially hard. We’ve assumed that that was part of the reason he moved when he did. Here’s the link:

Discovering Your Next Step

I hope you find his words as helpful as we have over the years.

One Stone Away...

Walking with Christ we are all one stone away from victory.


All for the Kingdom of God, not unto us O Lord, not unto us but to your name be the glory because of your love and your faithfulness. -Psalms 115:1

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Pure Glory

The heavens are telling the glory of God; and the firmament proclaims His handiwork. Psalms 19:1

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You Can Learn More Than You Imagine Or Believe