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In The Neighborhood

4 Mar

Here’s a link to a very good book which I read over a year ago called “In The Neighborhood”.

In The Neighborhood by Peter Lovenheim

Did you know that some houses are built in ways that are actually designed to create more of a neighborhood/community feel?

How about your neighborhood?

What Happens Here?

27 Feb

Today I looked up practical in a thesaurus and found a favorite phrase that means the same thing – nuts and bolts.

Are there nuts and bolts things we can improve in our neighborhoods?

I believe 99% of people would answer yes.

This is beyond politics.

If you think the street you live on needs repair, it doesn’t matter what political party you belong to or if you’re an independent.

If you want your neighborhood to be easier to walk in or there are streetlights that need repair or construction has been going on for way to long, these are not directly linked to one political philosophy.

These are common sense – NUTS AND BOLTS – issues that affect your neighborhood.

If someone is having a garage sale and wants to invite the neighborhood, I consider that a nuts and bolts event in your neighborhood.

What are we NOT going to discuss here?

If you think you need to talk to a neighbor about whether or not they are following the neighborhood rules, that’s not a subject for this blog.

Be a mature person and speak to that person at a reasonable time or make an appointment to speak to them as two mature adults.

Do NOT rant and rave about a neighbor on this blog.

DO be positive as much as possible in how you state things.

Seek solutions. Brainstorm.

What ELSE will be here?

I may let people in my neighborhood know that certain products are on special in local stores.  I myself actually purchase some products over the internet and if anyone wants to talk to me in person about that then we can set something up.

Here’s one now:

I found Tide on sale at Vons on El Norte Parkway in Escondido on February 26, 2013. If you are part of Vons Club you can get the SALE price of 18.99 for 96 loads of HE detergent.

If you would like to contribute to this blog by adding your input, we can talk about that in person or on the phone if you are far away.

Lastly, this blog is sincere and I’m not interested in fighting those with radically different views.  We can get along here. If you really, really don’t like it here, go elsewhere.

Have a nice day. 🙂



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