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Where’s The Best Chicken Fried Rice?

22 Mar

Thirty years ago I lived with a wonderful family from church when the prospect of my parent’s divorce became real. I lived not very far from where Felicita Road crosses Interstate 15 in Escondido.

Major Market moved into the area, well, I’m not sure when. I never passed through the doors of Major Market until last year when a friend from San Clemente was visiting and he showed me the deli section that included chicken fried rice. It’s a great deal at $4.95 for the standard container (to me it seems bigger than a pint, but smaller than a quart) that you get at a chinese restaurant. We were in the area because my wife and I found a Trader Joe’s on Centre City Parkway which is freeway close. I think it takes 13 minutes from our house without traffic.

On Wednesday I decided to start a comparison test and went back to Major Market for lunch. My conclusion was that the rice was fair, but after I put the rest in the refrigerator, my wife really, really liked the leftovers. For me it just wasn’t as good as the first time I had it with my buddy and my wife.

Yesterday I ordered chicken fried rice online from Chin’s Szechuan in San Marcos and picked it up. My wife and I first went into Chin’s in Encinitas several years ago and liked their food very much. I’m not sure, but it looks like maybe there are Chin’s Szechuan restaurants that belong to the original owner, such as the San Marcos location, and other locations like Encinitas that have different ownership.

Regardless of ownership I enjoyed the chicken fried rice much more yesterday. If I had to put numbers to it I would say that Wednesday’s from Major Market was a five. To be fair, the first time I had it I would have rated it at least a six or seven. Chin’s on Thursday was definitely an 8 for me. Again, my wife would probably have put Chin’s at a 6 and Major Market at an 8.

I guess you’ll have to do your own taste test.

Chin’s is $8.95 and for me, it’s worth it. It took me 11 minutes (before 2:30 pm when traffic starts on the 78) to get there. I was in and out in less than three minutes and 10 minutes to get home. You can order online at:

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