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Our Friendly Neighborhood Batman, Er, 7-Eleven

11 Apr

Just this morning I stopped by to talk to the owner of the 7-Eleven in our neighborhood. We’ve been visiting this particular 7-Eleven for years when we were in the area and now we live in the neighborhood.

Najib Azzam is the friendly owner/operator and that friendliness is reflected in his staff, too. His manager, Roger, is working, working, working all the time and still finds time to respond to your hellos. Recently I’ve noticed that his son – also named Roger – works there, too.

Have you ever been to a 7-Eleven and wondered what happened to that employee to make them so grumpy that day?

I have NEVER had that happen at Najib’s 7-Eleven here in San Marcos.

Not Ever.

In fact, once I somehow left my Costco card there and the employee who was working remembered me and had placed the card in a drawer. When I came back he made sure that I went home with it.

[There are lots of great employees that I haven’t mentioned. Good job, everybody!]

This 7-Eleven is located at the corner of Mulberry & Mission – 578 E. Mission Road.

Here’s the link to the Foursquare site for Najib’s business.

7-Eleven at Mulberry & Mission

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