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If You Have Ever Attended Church, Read This Book!

30 Apr

A few weeks ago I mentioned a former pastor and I had a really great time this last weekend on retreat (actually, they called it The Men’s Advance) with men from Solana Beach Presbyterian Church and his church, Rancho Bernardo Community Presbyterian Church, and a couple smaller groups. Ken Blanchard was the speaker and he was great. I took his stuff to Temecula for a friend to take a look at. I believe I’ll make good use of it in the coming months.

Yet an interesting thing happened with a book that was recommended to me before I attended this awesome retreat, er, advance. I read some of it at Whispering Winds last weekend. I think this book may be the most impactful thing I’ve read in a long, long time.

I spoke with a friend from church, John, about a man named Bob that our family knew since I was little. He was a real friend to our family. He stepped in front of a train last year and I was having some feelings popping up that I didn’t expect. I don’t know whether he recommended this book specifically because of my feelings about Bob’s physical pain leading up to his decision to end his life or if John simply thought I could use it after our conversation.

That book is The Cure and I highly recommend it.

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