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High Number of College Graduates In Minimum Wage Jobs

1 Apr

Though the numbers are down from 2010, there are 70% more college graduates working for minimum wage versus 10 years ago.

Here’s the article:

College Grads In Minimum Wage Jobs

How Important Are Plants, Trees, Flowers, Shrubs & Weeds?

30 Mar

Some people are very concerned about what grows in your yard. I personally think that here in California we have our priorities a little out of whack when it comes to someone else’s yard. Here’s the unfortunate side of this phenomenon in nearby Encinitas, CA:

Encinitas Man Killed Over Landscaping

Sometimes Change Happens Quickly

27 Mar

This might seem to be a small thing, but I sent a message to the Huffington Post this morning letting them know that their photo of the Supreme Court on the front page didn’t have Justice Elena Kagen in it. They sent me this 12 minutes later:

We have changed the photo, thanks for writing!

On Wed, Mar 27, 2013 at 10:00 AM, wrote:
Entry id: 2952715
Entry title: United States v. Windsor: DOMA Case Heads To Supreme Court
Entry url:
Author name: Paige Lavender

Submission type: correction
Username: Charles Hicks-Moore
Email: my email

Kind of error: Factual or typographical

Where is Justice Elena Kagen in the photo on the front page of Huffington Post?

This correction submission came from the Contributions form at

[I edited my email address in the message above.]

It took 12 minutes or less to make that change.

What did it take to do that?

1) I decided to communicate.

2) I “spoke” with the people involved.

3) The people to whom I spoke decided to listen to me.

4) Those people “heard” what I said.

5) Those same people took action.

I’m communicating with my neighborhood and community.

You can do the same.

If you choose.

If you decide.

If you take action.

Generation Gap

18 Mar

One of my Facebook friends posted this and I just had to share. It’s so true.

Just click the Facebook link below – you don’t even have to be logged in!

Generation Gap Text

Dr. Thylin Is Our Dentist

13 Mar

A few years ago our dentist shut down his practice for health reasons and we found Dr. Thylin soon after. I’m not sure how we found him at this point, but our experience with him has been great.

Earlier today I got a cap replaced that our former dentist had put on my tooth. Besides the obvious professionalism of his friendly office, there is something that you simply can’t get around. You may not be bothered by the same thing that bothers my wife and me, but a dentist must use his or her hands and if they are too big that can be a problem in my experience.

Dr. Thylin’s hands are the right size to be working in your mouth. As far as I’m concerned it’s just physics.

Professional and friendly and hands that are small enough. There you are.

Dr. Michael Thylin’s website:

If You Have Ever Attended Church

12 Mar

On Facebook the other day I noticed one of the kids from church who has now graduated from college and even left her first post-college job.
[ So this is 50! šŸ˜‰ ]

In seeing what was going on in her life I also noticed a post from her dad, who is a former pastor at Solana Beach Presbyterian Church, my home church.

Her dad is now a pastor in Rancho Bernardo and he has a blog called “Discovering Your Next Step” that you or someone you know may find helpful.

Though we have adjusted quite well, our family was sad to see pastor Neal (he’s just Neal to almost everyone) go at the time. My wife said that he was a big reason why she stayed when she came back to church.

He moved to Rancho Bernardo Community Presbyterian Church less than a month before the fire that swept San Diego County and hit RB especially hard. We’ve assumed that that was part of the reason he moved when he did. Here’s the link:

Discovering Your Next Step

I hope you find his words as helpful as we have over the years.

Your Neighborhood Changes And Grows II

6 Mar

030613 009

I took the photo above a few minutes ago. Yes. That’s my foot in the picture. I put it there for scale. My foot is, oddly enough, almost exactly a foot long. So you can see how big the aeonium has grown over several months. Here’s a picture of that section of the front yard:

030513a 051

Compare that view with several months ago by visiting my post earlier this week:

Your Neighborhood Changes And Grows (I)

Despite the slightly different view you should be able to notice that change and growth has taken place. It’s not always incredibly obvious and sometimes it doesn’t happen fast but, just like change in our yard, change is taking place in your neighborhood and mine.

Let’s be proactive and make positive change.

What say you?

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