Be Careful When “Friending” On Facebook

12 Apr

Maybe I have a more liberal policy about friend requests than you do.

Yesterday I said yes to a friend request because I thought the person looked familiar and I had several messages waiting on Facebook.

A little while later I noticed that the profile had been created the previous day. That’s a red flag.

In my opinion, if you are being contacted by someone who you don’t truly recognize on the second day that their Facebook page has been in existence[!], there is at least a 99% chance that something is not right.

I had a little conversation to make sure that this wasn’t one of my niece’s friends that I might have met at a family gathering.

She answered my first question with something like, “I liked your picture.”

Well, at this moment my profile picture just happens to be a photo of a picture of Adam West that’s on the wall in the Rio Azul restaurant in Palm Springs.

(Best flan I’ve ever had. Pollo Asado too!)

Then she said that we should text and I should give her my phone number and my answer is down at 8:26 below.

I was giving her a chance to prove that her profile was real (was it even a “her”?) and that’s when the conversation ended.

This morning Facebook has apparently taken that profile down and identified her portion of the conversation as spam.

I think that this stuff sometimes succeeds in scamming people because the scammers are going after people with particular vulnerabilities.

In this case I believe that this person (or persons) is looking for men who are lonely and receptive to flattery. I don’t know what happens when you give them your mobile phone number.

Fortunately for me I simply like to meet people and I’ve been doing that on Facebook for a while.

Be careful.

Charles Hicks-Moore
Hello Jessica!
How r u? I just noticed that you just joined Facebook yesterday. How did you decide to request connection with me?

Jessica Qureshi
This message is no longer available because it was identified as abusive or marked as spam.

Charles Hicks-Moore
I don’t think so, but that’s a picture of Adam West.

Jessica Qureshi
This message is no longer available because it was identified as abusive or marked as spam.

Charles Hicks-Moore
I have a wait and see attitude. I mean…you haven’t posted stuff that most people post yet. Hard to tell if you’re really the person you say you are.

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