Garage Sale Or Yard Sale

18 Mar

On Saturday I was training at my friend and business partner’s house in Carlsbad. It’s a beautiful place with a beautiful ocean view. Sue told me that Calavera Hills is having a big garage sale in the entire community this Saturday. I think she said that over 100 houses are participating. That got me to thinking.

We can do the same thing in our neighborhood. Or yours. I should mention a couple things.

One, I grew up calling it a garage sale when I lived in Leucadia as a kid. I don’t really care whether you call it a garage sale or a yard sale. It’s the same thing, right? Anybody know a notable distinction between the two?

Two, I tend to think of my neighborhood as pretty large. Yesterday I was out checking on local garage sales (as well as checking the natural boundaries of the neighborhood) and I found a couple on Rock Springs after following a few signs to a mystery sale that was apparently held on Saturday. A guy named George sold me a pair of jeans for a great price. He moved here from Ramona in November and he’s up for having a simultaneous garage sale in September.

Who’s with us!?


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